Friday, November 30, 2007

Go Suns!

Jack McCallum spent a year with the Phoenix Suns and wrote about it in his outstanding book :07 Seconds or Less. My Season on the Bench with the Runnin' and Gunnin' Phoenix Suns. This wonderful book shows what it is like to play professional basketball in the NBA. Players and coaches all appear in this book and it is a great way to see what happens behind the scenes, and the work that the average fan doesn't see. The fact that coaches spend up to 18 hours a day in each others company talking basketball for seven months of the year, the trainer whose job it is to make sure players equipment, bags and the such get from city to city, and the great job of making sure players don't get into trouble on days off.
You also see the pain, and pressure players are put under when they play for a championship contender.

Overall a great read, it's taken me about a day to finish it. One for basketball fans, and sports fans. By the way the title refers to how long the Suns are expected to pass the ball around in offence before taking a shot.

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