Monday, December 24, 2007

Person of the Year

As you've no doubt heard by know Vlad Putin has been made Time magazine's Person of the Year.
Time have a track record for choosing interesting people for this award including Hitler and Stalin. But I can understand this two choices, in 1938 when Hitler won the award he was rebuilding Germany quite successfully, and in 1939 and 1942 'Uncle Joe' was creating a workers paradise and winning the second world war. But Putin ... hmmm ... apart from rigging an election or two does he really deserve to be man of the year.

Let's look at the reasons given by Time in there editorial " With an iron will - and at significant cost to the principles that free nations prize - Putin has brought Russia back as a world power. It was his year." I don't agree with this statement, yes Putin has brought a measure of stability to the Federation but is Russia a world power again? I was thinking that runner up Al Gore has had more influence than Putin. Time make no distinction for positive or negative influence in there choice and in the end it means nothing other than a talking point, and an excuse to sell magazines.

If you're interested in seeing past winners visit the following and take in the eclectic list that is Time's Person of the Year at;

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

A Game of Thrones

A Song of Fire and Ice is one of my favourite fantasy series and I am eagerly waiting for the next instalment. But until that arrives I can happily play the amazing board game based on these books.
A Game of Thrones is the first game in the series and allows players to take on the role of the major houses and try and win the throne through wheeling and dealing, backstabbing, invasion and other fun things. The game really captures the feel of the book as players wheel and deal there way to victory.

Grab a copy or find someone who owns one, like me, and prepare to conquer the kingdom.

Friday, December 14, 2007

There goes the galaxy

Troy Denning has written the latest installment in the Star Wars extended universe called Inferno. It is now 30 years after The Return of the Jedi and the universe is still a dangerous place with the Sith threatening to return to power. Overall I enjoyed this book, Denning knows the characters, and writes them well.

So what actually happens in this novel. Jacen Solo has taken the name of Darth Cadeaus and is in control of the Galactic Alliance, while an opposition has formed against him. Jacen believes he is the only one who can save the universe from terrorism and will do anything to ensure this, even ambushing his own parents and turning against the Jedi.

Luke is still recovering from the death of his wife Mara Jade, killed by Jacen though Luke does not know this. He has to decide whether he will support the Galactic Alliance which seems to be turning bad, or become a rebel again and do what he thinks is right.

So Star Wars history is repeating itself. Still I enjoyed this book and where the universe is going.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Here's one for the geeks in your life. Julian Dibble has written a book called Play money : or, How I quit my day job and made millions trading virtual loot about his experience playing MMORPG's and the real world economies that develop around them. Especially the trading of virtual items for real money on eBay.
Dibble is an interesting writer who charts his progress from a noob, and his first experience of being pwned.

A fun read, the book also goes into quite interesting discussions about economies and the massive amounts of money spent buying rare items, as well as the philosophical discussion amongst players about whether it is the right thing to do.

Grab a copy and may the geek be with you.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

A Modern Fairytale

Linda Medley has created a marvelous fairytale called Castle Waiting. The story isn't about the battle of good and evil, or rescuing the fair princess, instead it is about community, and the support of friends.
Castle Waiting is full of amazing, and breathtaking, black and white illustrations that bring the story to life. Anyone reading this tale will want to stop and spend some time just looking at the illustrations, to take in all the detail and artistry.

Do yourself a favour and grab a copy, it's great for curling up with and losing yourself for a few hours.