Friday, March 27, 2009

This book is huuuuuge!

Stephen Brusatte may have written the biggest book I have ever struggled to hold. Dinosaurs is a physically big book that takes a lot of muscle to hold and read. But it is perfect for laying on the floor and reading. The book itself is beautiful, with large drawings of dinosaurs and text about them it appealed to the nine year old in me. It also includes a lot of the latest research into Dinosaurs so that T. Rex has feathers and Velociraptor is completely covered in them!
A great book to just flick through and enjoy the amazing art work. If you like Dinosaurs then this is the book for you. Just be aware the it is physically big (44cm x 37cm 224 pages), but lay it on the floor or table and prepare to be blown away.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My blog is fabulous you say?

Profuse thanks to Highlander for nominating me for this award. As per the rules I have to nominate 5 things I can't live without and then 5 blogs to give the award to. So here goes
1. My wife. She has to put up with a lot from me especially piles of books, comics, games and other tripping hazards all over the house.
2. Books. As a librarian I have access to a large number of books, certainly cheaper than buying them. And my blog is full of book reviews you do the math.
3. Public Libraries. They give you books, for FREE. WOW that's never going to catch on. And if you don't like them you take them back FOR NO COST. Even when I didn't work in one I was a member of a number.
4. My PS3. Gives me a chance to relax and calm down after dealing with the public.
5. Basketball. While I will watch just about any sport, basketball is the one I play regularly.
Thanks again to Highlander!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Historical Horror

I have just finished reading Jasper Kent's Twelve, and enjoyed myself immensely. The novel follows Captain Aleksei Ivanovich Danilov and he fights in the Russian Army against Napoleon's invasion in 1812. Tasked with fighting a guerrilla style campaign he finds himself fighting beside twelve mercenary strangers from the borders of the Christian world who claim that they can win the war for the Russians.
As the novel builds we discover that the twelve strangers, named after the apostles, are more than human, and very capable of fulfilling their promise and so much more.

This book was a lot of fun, if I had any criticisms at all I would say it was just a tad too long for the story. Other than that I recommend people read it.

Monday, March 2, 2009


Brian Azzarello's Joker is a wonderful little crime piece that really captures the madness inherent in the character. While owing a visual nod to the Joker Heath Ledger portrayed, Azzarello has added his own touches to the character.
The story starts with the Joker being released from Arkham Asylum, and he quickly discovers that others have taken over his territory. Moving quickly we see the Joker begin to take back what he believes is his, in his own violent and twisted fashion. We even get to see Azzarello's take on the eternal battle between Batman and the Joker.

A quick read, this is a great noir tale that Azzarello tells so well, the characters would not seem out of place in 100 Bullets. Well worth reading.