Friday, May 30, 2008


As I continue to re-read some of my favourites, I have been enjoying Neil Gaiman's Sandman series in all its glory. This amazing series was Gaiman's first work and early on it shows, but when he found his feet it really exploded.
Gaiman used a very literary style that required the reader to put in some effort, but the mythology he created around the Endless and their interactions with the world is really enjoyable. Don't be put off by the fact that the series takes a while to get going, the pay off is well worth it.
As his short stories show, Gaiman has many ideas and enjoys telling stories and Sandman is full of ideas. Whether it is the Corinthian, the serial killers convention, the novelist who captures his muse, or unique ideas about the interaction between Heaven and Hell Gaiman isn't afraid to experiment and explore.
So go out and dive in to the glorious depths of Gaiman's imagination it'll be worth it trust me.