Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Family Life

Families are complicated, and Bruce & Me is a great example of this. The book follows Oren Siedler’s attempts to understand her family through the many road trips she took with her father Bruce across the United States. Not long into the book Siedler’s hippie mother leaves Bruce and runs away to Australia with her new partner. Once Bruce finds out where they are he asks to see Siedler, and she is sent back to the United States to spend time with him. After arriving she quickly discovers that Bruce runs credit card scams and performs identity theft as well as engaging in other criminal acts. Bruce might be living on the wrong side of the law, but it was always interesting being around him, though as Bruce spends more and more time behind bars, this spell breaks.
Bruce & Me is a wonderfully told memoir that reminds the reader that love is a powerful force as Siedler tries to unravel the tangled web that is her father with humour and insight. Bruce & Me is hard to put down and goes to show that families are a law unto themselves.

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