Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Derring do

Ed Greenwood wears his role playing background on his sleeve in his Band of Four novels. The Band of Four comprises a thief, a warrior, a sorceress and a healer, and it is their job to save the land of Aglirta from whatever happens to be threatening it.
Greenwood is famous for being half of the creative team that invented the Forgotten Realms Campaign Set for AD&D, and this shows in these novels. Overall the novels are a fun romp, with political intrigue, action, magic, combat and nasty villains. I enjoyed them a lot, but at the back of my mind was the feeling I was reading about some one's role playing campaign, and if it isn't it wouldn't be hard to turn the books into a successful campaign.

The books in the series are :

  • The Kingless Land

  • The Vacant Throne

  • A Dragon's Ascension

  • The Dragon's Doom

  • The Silent House

Recommended for fans of epic quest fantasy.

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