Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Collected Visions

The Horus Heresy: Collected Visions by Alan Merrett is a fabulous book that tells the story of the Horus Heresy as well as showing off heaps of amazing artwork. This book is a collection of the art used in the Sabertooth Games collectible card game called Horus Heresy. Merrett was one of the key figures in developing the original timeline for the Heresy for Games Workshop, and here gets to flesh out these events which are now being fleshed out by the Black Library series of novels.
The real star of this book though is the artwork, amazing pictures from artists like Adrian Smith, Wayne England, David Gallagher and many more fill this book. Pictures of space Marines fighting, the Primarchs, and massive tanks are a joy to look at, especially for fans of Warhammer 40k. The book also contains concept art from the very talented John Blanche.
Fans of Warhammer 40k will find masses of background material here, with enough inspiration for hundreds of models, as well as finding out more about the Horus Heresy. Fans of good science-fiction art will also finds lots to enjoy in this book. Now if only I had the time and skill to paint and convert some models for my Warhammer 40k games ...
Below is an example page and some John Blanche concept art:

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