Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Way of Kings

Not content with spending his time completing Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series Brandon Sanderson has started his own called The Stormlight Archive. The first book has now been released and it is called The Way of Kings.
And it's a big book. Sanderson is from the 'sweeping detail', 'large cast' school of fantasy writing, but because this is the first book in the series things start of small, (relatively speaking). We are introduced to three main characters who obviously will have a part to play in the unfolding story.

Sanderson is a great writer and knows how to create a believable world, but this book is too long. It's as if Sanderson had all these things he wanted in his story and decided to cram them in to the first volume. As much as I enjoyed reading this, it did become a chore towards the end. (Sometimes authors need an editor who isn't afraid to tell them to make cuts to their baby.) If each book in the series is this long then it is in danger of drowning under the weight of words it will produce.

And lets not mention the cover. Really Golanz you thought this cover would make people buy the book? Lucky that Sanderson is such a great writer, if someone isn't put off by the cover. Hopefully book two is a little shorter, and a new cover art style is used.


  1. I've never seen the cover art you posted. My edition, and the one I have seen elsewhere, is this one:

    Your review is very interesting. I'm curious as to what specifically you found dragging about the end. Many reviews I've read criticize slowness and too much detail in the early middle of the book. In my opinion, the ending was really engaging and fast-paced, and the book as a whole was pretty well-done for an introduction to a whole new world. I'd like to hear more of your thoughts.

  2. Yeah the cover I poster was a special Australian cover, the other one which I've seen on Amazon and other blogs is a lot better looking.
    I think my problem, was that by the end of the book I was worn out. The ending, well done or not, took too long to get too and I was just worn out.
    Don't get me wrong, I like the book and Sanderson's writing in general, and I've just got my hands on the next Wheel of Time book and it makes Way of Kings look small!
    I'm glad you were engaged by the book, and you're right it is a well-done introduction to a new world. A part of me just wishes it was smaller, so I don't feel burnt out by the end.
    I know it's harsh to criticise a book simply because I found it to long, but there you go ...
    Trust me though, I'll still read numbers two onwards. And this book was awesome, I just felt it could be awesomer.

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