Monday, February 4, 2008

I, Librarian

James Turner is a mastermind, his character Rex Libris from the comic I, Librarian is a wonderful invention and as a librarian (and member of the Ordo Bibliotheca) I can heartily recommend this story to anyone with a sense of humour.
I'll let Rex introduce himself. "My name's Rex Libris. Librarian. And I work at Middleton Public Library ... the best God Damn public library in North America ... Most of the time I manage the library. But when shit goes down, when people don't return the goods on time, it's my job to bring the books back, and in one piece. That means I can't use my flamethrower. Gotta get the books from them with finesse...and it ain't easy, because we get some pretty tough patrons. Gods, undead, alien warlords, vampires, time travellers from the past ... and future ... my arsenal of knowledge includes rocket launchers, traking devices, electro-magnetic field generators, freeze rays and the usual assortment of automatic weaponary you'd expect in your typical library."
As you can gather Rex is not someone you want to mess around with, he gets the books back. Written with tongue planted firmly in cheek in a hard-boiled style I, Librarian is a great read, and one for any librarian friends you may know.
PS The Ordo Bibliotheca is explained in the back of this graphic novel, but I quote "The veil of secrecy that has surrounded the Ordo Bibliotheca, the secret International Order of Librarians, has been so complete and well maintained that it has ... remained completly unpenetrated by conspiracy theorists ... new information has come to light which reveal the depth of librarian influence on the development of human civilisation, and show conclusively that the superficial docility of the librarian is but a mask that enables them to operate freely, behind the scenes, in our society."

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