Wednesday, March 19, 2008


I have a large CD collection that keeps growing and threatening to collapse under it's own weight. So maybe it's time to get an iPod and rip my CDs onto it and have a much more portable collection.
But what makes the cut, I know the iPod Classic can hold up to 40,000 songs (the 160 gig version), I'll probably buy the 80 gig version and settle for 20,000 songs.

As I sort through my music collection I have to be selective, listen with fresh ears to favourite CDs as I make tough decisions. There are some givens, all my Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Pearl Jam, Ryan Adams and Bruce Springsteen will make the cut, but I keep finding stuff I had forgotten about. Yesterday I heard Americana for the first time in a while and realised how much I like it. In it goes. And so it continues.

Dylan Jones in his book, iPod Therefore I Am, talks about a similar problem in his life. Fitting his music collection on an iPod. The book contains no great insights but I sympathise with his dilemma's (and he was working with a 10 gig iPod).

I'll keep sorting through my collection, and stumbling across hidden gems, and who knows I may just finish one of these days.