Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Oh my bleeding heart

Naomi Klein has released a new book called The Shock Doctrine. The Rise of Disaster Capitalism. If you've read No Logo then you'll know what to expect from this book, well written investigative journalism that tackles the big issues head on, and doesn't pull punches.
Klein does a good job of making a boring, dry topic readable, and I recommend that people read it BUT that's not to say I didn't have problems with it.

No Logo tackled corporations and focused on their business practices, but this latest book instead looks at governments, especially the Bush government. YAWN I know another book about an administration that will soon be over. I feel that the Bush administration is an easy target for writers, though anyone with half a brain would realise that a Democratic administration would not be much different.

The Shock Doctrine's focus on government and shady backroom deals means that the reader can feel removed from what's happening. No Logo was very personal, but buy tackling such large issues Shock Doctrine is very impersonal.

Finally the book is another critique of politics that doesn't try and offer solutions and ways of changing the system. Yes the system sucks, lets focus on improving it rather than another book telling us how much it sucks.

By all means read The Shock Doctrine it is a readable book, I just feel it missed an opportunity to be so much more.