Monday, January 19, 2009

Fun read

Neal Asher's book Prador Moon is a fun space opera novel that leaves you wanting more. Part of this is helped by the fact that the novel itself is only about 200 pages long, and this short space allows Asher's prose to zing, as we see the Polity encounter the first ever space faring alien species. And what a species they turn out to be, massive crab-like creatures who are nearly indestructible and called the Prador.
Sure it is full of Asher's trademark violence, and tough characters, but it also manages to make both sides of this conflict real, as we have different narrators, Prador and Human. As always Asher will raise issues with the reader, but then gives his reader's space to think about it in their own time without preaching to them if they so choose. Or they can concentrate on the many characters getting gutted in various vicious ways.

Overall another great read, from an author who never fails to deliver.

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