Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Heroes of the Space Marines is a collection of short stories dealing with ... you guessed it, Space Marines and Chaos Space Marines.
  • The Skull Harvest by Graham McNeill shows how to raise a Chaos raiding party.

  • Gauntlet Run by Chris Roberson is about Imperial Fist Space Marines vs Orks.

  • Renegades by Gav Thorpe tells how the third company of the Avenging Sons Chapter became traitors.

  • Honour Among Friends by Dylan Owen looks at Black Legion Marine Scaevolla and his endless quest to kill Imperial Fist Marines.

  • Fires of War by Nick Kyme follows the Salamanders as they try and cleanse the city of Cirrion of Chaos cultists.

  • The Labyrinth by Richard Ford tells of the Sons of Malice.

  • Headhunted by Steve Parker is about the Deathwatch as they cleanse an Ork ship.

  • And They Shall Know No Fear ... by Darren Cox deals with Black Templars and their crusade against a Chaos cult.

  • Nightfall by Peter Feheruari is about Chaos Marines.

  • One Hate by Aaron Dembski-Bowden deals with the Crimson Fists as they help the Imperial Guard retake the world of Syral from the Orks, or so it seems.

Overall a great collection to dip into and read bit by bit.

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