Tuesday, July 7, 2009


My favourite urban fantasy series is easily Simon R Green's Nightside series starring John Taylor. Luckily for me then that he has released the latest one called Just Another Judgement Day.
John Taylor finds himself called in by the new rulers of Nightside who want him to tackle the latest threat they are facing, the Walking Man. The Walking Man is a creation of God, a mortal who has sworn vengeance on all evil things in revenge for a tragedy they suffered and is granted certain powers in return. These powers include invulnerability, the power to open any locked door by touching it and unerring aim with the pistols he carries. It is up to Taylor to work out how he can stop this literal killing machine from wiping out the Nightside.
I enjoy Green's take on noir writing but I did have one small problem with this novel. The Walking Man is too similar to The Saint of Killers from the Preacher comics. Same look, same MO, even a similar background, though I suppose it is probably true that they are based on the same cliches from westerns and popular culture and therefore they are similar. This wasn't enough to stop me from enjoying the roller-coaster Green takes Taylor on though, as Taylor finds himself facing a seemingly impossible task. I can't wait for the next one.

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