Monday, August 24, 2009

Tales of Heresy

Tales of Heresy is a collection of short stories set during the Horus Heresy.

  • Blood Games by Dan Abnett takes place on Terra and involves the Custodes as they guard the Emperor's Palace, and Terra, against traitors.

  • Wolf at the Door by Mike Lee deals with the Space Wolves 13th Company as they liberate the Lammas subsector.

  • Scions of the Storm by Anthony Reynolds is about the Word Bearers Space Marines.

  • The Voice by James Swallow concerns the mysterious Sisters of Silence.

  • Call of the Lion by Gav Thorpe loos at the Dark Angels as they explore system DX-619.

  • The Last Church by Graham McNeill tells the story of the Church of the Lightning Stone and it's last priest Uriah Olathaine.

  • After Desh'ea by Matthew Farrer looks at Kharn of the World Eaters Space Marines.

This is a great collection of stories that further expands events taking place during the Horus Heresy. Well worth reading, especially if you have read any of the other Horus Heresy books.

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