Monday, December 21, 2009

Death Troopers

Joe Schreiber has been allowed to play in the Star Wars Universe and has written the first Star Wars horror novel. It's good to see the Star Wars brand moving in new directions and showing that there is a lot more to the brand than pure Space Opera.
The story begins with a prison barge that has broken down in a remote section of space but finds itself near a derelict Star Destroyer. A small party crosses over to salvage parts for the prison barge and find the Star Destroyer has been abandoned. Only half the party return and they quickly take sick with a mysterious disease which spreads like wildfire throughout the prison barge. Soon only a handful of survivors are left and they must band together to save themselves. But then the dead start to rise ... and they're hungry.

I enjoyed reading this novel. The tone is set by the great cover artwork, and Schreiber seems to be having fun playing in the Star Wars Sandbox. An efficient horror novel that also fits well into the Star Wars Universe.

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