Monday, December 21, 2009


It's 2010, Elizabeth XXX is on the throne and Sir Rupert Triumff has returned from his journey in which he discovered Australia. But his return drops him in the middle of a conspiracy that threatens the throne. It's up to Triumff to save the day.
Dan Abnett's Alternative history is a fun romp. Based on the premise that Elizabeth I married Phillip II to create a world spanning empire that ran on 'magick' and alchemy. Because of the presence of magic technology has stalled and even though it is 2010 it is the Elizabethan times technology wise.

The book is a fun read full of gags and characters buckling their swash. There is daring-do and dastardly plots with back-stabbing galore. Abnett has a lot of fun with this setting and that makes it a joy to read. I look forward to visiting this world again.

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