Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Expand your mind!

Grant Morrison is currently one of the leading lights of the comic world. Picking up a story by Morrison ensures that at some point the reader will be taken on a highly philosophical journey that may not always make sense as it slowly slips into the surreal.
Some of Morrison's best work is in series like;
  • Animal Man, where Animal Man eventually meets his creator. Literally Animal Man moves beyond the confines of his comic and gets to meet Morrison.
  • The Invisibles, about a group of psychic freedom fighters led by a tantric assasin who are trying to save humankind from the forces of darkness.
  • Doom Patrol, where a group of failed heroes take on enemies like Mr Nobody and the painting that ate Paris.
  • The Filth, about a group of special agents who protect civilisation from all sorts of threats both seen and unseen.
  • Arkham Asylum, about Batman's journey to mental hell and back inside Gotham's asylum for the criminally insane.

As you can see Morrison likes convaluted plots which manage to weave in and out of reality. For example in The Filth we meet one of the Soviet space monkeys who has been affected by cosmic waves and then brainwashed by the KGB and is responsible for shooting JFK.

If you like your stories to border on the absurd with a heavy dose of the supernatural and surealism then Morrison is one author you should be checking out. Just don't expect it to make sense all of the time, and be prepared for some wild adventures.

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