Friday, May 25, 2007

Hit and Amis

I am easily seduced by the elegant prose of Martin Amis, and his latest novel The House of Meetings is no exception to this. As the story unfolds I cannot but be impressed by Amis' ability to write the English language in such an memorable and yet seemingly simple style. Satire and examining the world around him come naturally to Amis, and this ability has not left him at any time during his career. I always think that Amis is the type of writer Bret Easton Ellis aspires to be, but Ellis' inability to create interesting characters stops him from expressing his message in a way that engages the reader.
amis has become quite focussed on the Soviet Union of late, and his last few books have all referenced it to some degree. It is clear that he has been doing a large amount of research on the subject, so I suppose that it is only natural that he puts this research to use.
I can truthfully say that anyone who enjoys the work of Amis will find something to like in The House of Meetings.

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