Friday, June 15, 2007

A Chip of the Old Block

It's fun to read new authors, and one who I recently discovered is Joe Hill. Hill has written short fiction in the past but it is his first novel Heart-Shaped Box that has brought him to people's attention.
If you turn to the back of the book you will notice the author photo, and yes Hill looks like a lot like his father. Hill's full name is Joe Hillstrom King, son of Stephen King. Don't let this put you of though, as Hill has his own style and writes in a very engaging manner.
Heart-Shaped Box is about a rock star who buys a ghost, and what happens to said rock star after this event.
This book is a great read and will keep you entertained until the end, all the while with a mounting feeling of dread.
Hill has stated that when he wrote short-stories he snail mailed them to his agent and publisher so the question of his parentage never arose. Now though he has to do book signings and promotional stuff and it became quite obvious that he looked like a young Stephen King. This usually leads people to ask what part of the book did King write, and the answer is none of it. Hill wrote this book at about the same time King wrote Cell and they swapped drafts but neither one wrote sections for the other.

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