Thursday, June 14, 2007

It's Clobberin' Time

The world of Marvel superheroes has been rocked lately by a series of events that have a mirror in the real world. The issue that has provoked the most interest is whether superheroes need to register with the US government. Supporters of this course of action were led by Iron Man and found themselves squared off against opponents of registration led by Captain America.
Increased security versus the freedom to act independently. These themes are being played out as we speak around the world as governments struggle to make their citizens feel safe in a uncertain world.
In the world of Marvel Iron Man and his followers have succeeded in defeating Captain America and now heroes need to register if the want to legally use their abilities. This has led to the interesting situation where supervillians who have registered with the government are forming teams to do government work. The ends justify the means. Many superheroes are uncomfortable with this and are on the run trying to form a resistance. This has become more pressing now that Captain America has been killed.
These story lines will have plenty of ramifications for the world of Marvel and will play out for years to come, and show the level of sophistication that comics can encompass. Just because the comics deal with superheroes, does not mean the stories are simplistic.

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