Thursday, June 7, 2007


As you have no doubt noticed I have a link to a page called LibraryThing in the top left hand corner of my page. I suppose it is about time I told everyone about this wonderful site.
LibraryThing allows people to catalogue the books they own, or are reading or like. It's free to use and has some wonderful features. When you have entered your books, LIbraryThing will then show you the other members who have any of the same books you have. You can then look at their catalogues and this is a great way of finding new reading ideas.
You can write reviews for your books and/or rate them out of five.
So have a look at the site play around, visit the zeitgeist page or search for my catalogue. You can find it by searching for petegs. It is a list of some of the books I'm reading, or have read recently and some of my favourites.

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