Tuesday, April 29, 2008

My criminal ways

Yes, Grand Theft Auto IV was released worldwide today, no I wasn't waiting at midnight for my copy. While this may show a distinct lack of commitment on my part, I will be picking up a copy in the next few days.
I am sure we will hear some outrage about this game, the others in the series have provoked some, so this one will be no different. Yes you can beat up cops, hire hookers than beat them up and steal their money, do drive by shootings, bomb houses, kill, run over pedestrians etc. But if you look behind this you will find a series of games that takes its inspiration from the world around it. If it is possible to do it in real life, then you can try and do it in the game.

I will enjoy playing this, and if the reviews are anything to go buy (average of about 99 out of 100) it will be amazing.