Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Sporting lives

I'm reading Colin Scotts' biography called All Balls. Now I know he isn't a household name here in Australia, but he was the first Australian to play gridiron professionally, and not as a kicker either but as a defensive end.
It's a humorous read, and Scott's personality shines through, this is a man who generally loves life and what he's achieved. That's not to say things were easy for him on a full scholarship to Hawaii University playing a sport he knew nothing about, and hated by his teammates.

The hazing he suffered is amazing, eye gouging with deep heat on the fingers and it went on, only Scotts' bloody-mindedness made him stick at it.

This is a great read because you get shown behind the scenes and discover what a brutal sport gridiron is when played at the highest level. Recommended for sports fans, gridiron fans or those looking for a quick and funny read.