Monday, July 28, 2008

By any other name ...

Iain M Banks writes great Science Fiction, but he also gives the space ships in his novels amazing names. I thought I would share some of these with you, all of the following are names of warships and one is the name of a pirate ship. See if you can guess which one it is.

  • Honest Mistake

  • Grey Area

  • Fate Amenable to Change

  • Ethics Gradient

  • Xenophobe

  • What Are The Civilian Applications?

  • The Very Little Gravitas Indeed

  • Clean Air Turbulence

  • Wisdom Like Silence

  • Anticipation of a New Lover's Arrival

  • Tactical Grace

  • Steely Glint

  • Serious Callers Only

Each name gives the ship a character all of its own. By the way, Clean Air Turbulence is the pirate ship.

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