Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Death Star

I should declare this month Star Wars month as I find myself reading and reviewing another Star Wars book.
Anyway, this book by Michael Reeves and Steve Perry is about the construction and manning of the Death Star. As you can guess by the title, Death Star, the super space station is the main character. We are given glimpses into the lives of other people involved in the Death Star like pilots who fly TIEs to protect the construction, slaves who are doing the actual building, Darth Vader and Grand Moff Tarkin the brains behind it.
The story itself is fine, but there are still some problems. Darth Vader seems to do nothing but loom menacingly in the background, while Tarkin schemes manically. You expect him to start rubbing his hands together while cackling. If only the authors had fleshed out these two main characters more, yes they are well known due to the films they appear in, but there is no attempt to take them any further than what we are used to.
An OK read, but even fans who miss it will not be any worse off.

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