Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The legacy continues

The final book in the Star Wars Legacy of the Force series has come out and I must say I have enjoyed them all.
The last book is by Troy Denning and called Invincible. Jaina, now fully trained by Boba Fett is hunting down her brother Jacen, or Darth Caedus as he prefers to be known. The Galaxy is split in a massive civil war, and Luke has decided to unleash the Jedi on Darth Caedus and kill him for his crimes.

Darth Caedus though is probably the most powerful Sith Lord that has ever existed so Jaina's job will not be easy.

Overall the series has been good, though I must admit that I have enjoyed the books by Denning more than the other two authors. I'm not sure if this is because Denning got to explore all the interesting stuff or not, maybe his writing suits Star Wars better.

As I've said before enjoyable, but be warned this is a nine book series.

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