Monday, July 23, 2007

Books to Avoid

Instead of talking about books I like I am going to talk about books I hate today. These include,
Tim Winton - Cloudstreet A long boring book in which nothing actually happens. (I must state that my wife Jenni loves this book).
Christopher Paolini - Eragon Derivative fantasy that is overly long
Mark Z Danielewski - Only Revolutions Form over content
Thomas Harris - Hannibal Rising As scary as a two year old under a sheet, and makes as much sense.
Jae Lee - Hellshock Lee you're so much more talented than this!
Harold Bloom - The Western Canon Someone introduce this man to the Twentieth Century.
Okay, enough venting, here's my pick for best book I've read this year . . . Scott Lynch's Lies of Locke Lamora.


  1. I read this post and the thing that stood out for me was the phrase "my wife Jenni". You and Jenni are married! I know I shouldn't find that bizarre, given that I was your Best Man and actually handed over the rings, but the fact that Jenni is your wife and you are her husband - how weird is that.

  2. So still getting used to the idea I see. Give it time you may come to accept it as normal one day.