Thursday, July 5, 2007

Now for something completely different ...

I have recently been listening to Bruce Springsteen's new live album and have been enjoying it immensely. Springsteen had just released an album of music that was associated with the legendary Pete Seeger, and he has now taken the show on the road.
He is travelling with his sessions band which seems to contain about 50 people but is probably closer to 20, and he has discovered his musical heritage. As well as playing songs of The Seeger Sessions Springsteen has adapted some of his own songs to fit in with the vibe of the others. Springsteen covers different musical genres like swing, ragtime, jazz, gospel, folk, and gypsy, and the album as a whole is an uplifting and enjoyable romp.
It is hard not to walk away smiling after listening for any length of time, and I highly recommend that you go out and get your hands on a copy and enjoy the sound of a musician having fun.

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