Thursday, July 5, 2007

M. T.

M T Anderson is a wonderful author of Young Adult novels. His two most well known are Thirsty, and Feed. I want to discuss both of them here, and talk about why I enjoy reading his novels.
Thirsty is the story of Chris who is your average teenager until he finds himself turning slowly into a vampire. As vampires are outcasts and criminals this is not something that Chris wants to happen, but he's getting so thirsty. Who can he trust? Who can he turn to?
Feed is the story set in the future and follows a group of teenage friends. It has one of the best opening lines I have read, "We went to the Moon for a holiday, but the Moon totally sucked." In this vision of the future people have direct feeds into their heads so they can instantly access information, messages, TV, music etc. Unfortunately there seems to be a virus that is being downloaded into peoples brains, and this impacts on the kids. We also meet a character who has chosen not to have a feed and how much of a rebel this makes her.
Anderson has a good ear for conversation and this brings his characters to life. He also has a knack of writing stories that have a hook that makes you want to keep reading. Keep an eye out for M T Anderson and he will not disappoint you.

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