Friday, August 31, 2007

The Other Side

Civil War: Iron Man is an attempt to show this conflict in the Marvel Universe from the less popular side. Many readers would have found themselves agreeing with Captain America as he argued for individual freedom. But Iron Man was just as passionate in his belief that super powered beings registered with the government and trained properly would benefit everyone.
The first part of this graphic novel has a debate between Captain America and Iron Man and is probably the best discussion of both sides of this argument, you can feel the passion both sides are dealing with.

Unfortunately the rest of the stories don't hold up to this high standard with not much actually happening apart from lots of talking, a complaint of the Civil War series as a whole.

If you are interested in this 'event' then keep an eye out for it but it's not really worth owning.


  1. Of course, the whole thing is a War on Terror analogy and I'm on Captain America's side - which I think should answer any accusations that I'm anti-American!

  2. Of course Captain America (RIP until next year) was called anti-American for his stand. As I've said to you before having Iron Man's side win leads to better story lines than having Captain America win.

  3. Captain America might have been called anti-American, but did you see his explanation to Peter Parker in The Amazing Spider-Man in which he quoted Mark Twain? That's the America I love - and it seems to have increasingly little to do with George Bush.

    Speaking of Bush, given how little people like him surely John Howard can only be doing himself harm by cosying up to him.

  4. Ol' winghead can be a little corny sometimes.
    John Howard is like a rat clinging to anything he thinks will save him. In his core voters being friends with Bush is good. Shows strength and conviction. (Excuse me as I throw up.)