Thursday, August 16, 2007

We shall fight in the shade.

I watched 300 last night and must say I was impressed. It is a brilliant adaption of the graphic novel and uses frames from the original to inform its story. It's bloody and violent and very very stylized as we see 300 Spartans take on the might of Persia.
I was interested by the furor surrounding this film as critics talked of how it was not historically accurate. But at no point does Frank Miller who wrote and drew the graphic novel, and the director state that it was accurate. It is a dramatisation, why must it be accurate? Since when did the film have to be historically accurate? It's a great story, well told, that's all.

Enjoy the spectacle, and the choreography of the fight scenes, but don't hold up some historical accuracy mirror, because many films would fail the test. (Some all time classics to.)

Enjoy 300 as a techincle marvel with its various digital effects but don't expect historical accuracy.

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