Monday, August 13, 2007

Return of the 90s hero

When I read comics in the 1990s one of my favourite characters was called Cable. A mutant who returned from the future he had untapped mental powers and loved running around carrying big guns, and his mission was to save the earth from his past, or its future. Well after floating around the Marvel Universe for awhile he has been re imagined in a new and improved way.
Cable has increased his power and is now actively changing the world, in fact he is being treated by some humans as the saviour of mankind. His increased powers are frightening, he is in mental contact with every person on the planet through his telepathy and his telekinesis enables him to build a massive floating island and keep it suspended in space. Followers of Cable have flocked to his floating island and he is being seen as a threat by various world governments, especially when he begins sorting out conflicts like Palestine and Chechnya buy removing the weapons of both sides in massive displays of his power. This all feeds into Cable's larger plan which is to unite humanity, even if it unites against him.

All this leads to the point of this post which is to say that I read Cable & Deadpool: Burnt Offerings by Fabian Nicieza and really enjoyed myself. Cable is now an interesting character who has moved from being one dimensional to being a real threat on a global scale. One for the fans.

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