Friday, October 26, 2007

Libraries 2.0

I haven't written a blog about my Web 2.0 training lately as I have found that it feels pointless to write about whether I've done something or not.
Forced blogging defeats the purpose of blogs in the first place. If I like an idea I will add it to my blog, but spruik it to others ... not likely.
Blogs are for whimsy, and whatever takes your fancy, and they won't appeal to everyone. And people should not be forced to write things if they don't want to. I like blogging, but am more interested in writing about books, pop culture, computer games and hobbies than feeling like I must produce a piece of writing letting everyone know that I've visited technorati. (I have and have added a widget to my blog.)
So the course goes on, and I'll continue to visit sites and play around, just don't be surprised if I refuse to diligently write posts about it. Watch my blog though as it will change.
Meanwhile I have a pile of things that need to be read and there's always a new game I could play.

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  1. i agree with your sentiment. i also have to say that ive come across some really interesting and new things on yarra staff blogs, all which has been the result of an off the main topic kind of post. i hope that those people continue blogging after the course ends!