Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Library Thing-a-ma-bob

I've been maintaining a LibraryThing bookshelf for a while now after being unleashed on it earlier this year. But I've also stopped regularly updating books I've read as well.
It looks good sitting at the bottom of my blog, but the reality of working on desk means I do not use it much, instead I have gone lo-tech and replaced it with a good old-fashioned reading diary.
The reading diary is more portable and easier to access if I want to check books I've read, and what score out of five I gave them.
This doesn't mean I hate LibraryThing, I just think it is suited to being a part of my blog rather than a tool I would use every day. Patrons might like to browse through it for curiosity, but I'll stick to my reading diary as a reference tool.

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