Friday, October 12, 2007

Malta. May 1565

Tim Willocks's brilliant novel The Religion is set in the above time period. The armies of the Emperor of the Ottoman's are sailing towards Malta to destroy the fortress of the Knights of Saint John the Baptist also known as the 'Religion'.
The central character is Matthias Tannhauser a mercenary with a noble streak to go with his violent nature, and lust after the good things in life. Tannhauser finds himself going to Malta to help a French countess find her illegitimate son, who is helping to defend Malta.

Willocks is a great writer and his eye for detail, and conversation make this an engaging read on many levels. This is the first of a planned trilogy and I look forward to reading about the further adventures of Tannhauser, and his friends and enemies. A great novel to immerse yourself in.

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