Tuesday, October 9, 2007

The Morningstar

Lucifer by Mike Carey is a great series of graphic novels that follows its title character after his appearances in the Sandman comics.
Lucifer, after 10 billion years in charge of Hell, is fed up and resigns his post to live in Perth WA. He starts running a bar in LA and plays piano in it and wants to live a quite life amongst the mortals of the world.

This is where Lucifer picks up. Heaven of course wants something done and they hire Lucifer the most powerful angel to do their dirty work.

The series ran for 75 issues and has been collected into 11 volumes. Carey is an intelligent writer who depicts Lucifer as being likable but also utterly ruthless and powerful. Nothing gets in the way of his grand schemes. Lucifer even finds a tear in the fabric of reality and creates his own universe just like his father Yahweh did.

The series has a lot of dialogue and discussion and can be a very cerebral event at times but is a great example of what the medium can aspire to. Intelligent writing and great art in a total package.

I loved this series and have no problems recommending it to others. Simply awesome, especially if you're not afraid of philosophical discussions on religion and knowledge.

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