Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Neal Asher

Neal Asher is a great science-fiction writer. Pick up any of his books and you will be in for an amazing read, with politics, action, well written plots and interesting characters. (Even if some of them are A.I.s) Start with Gridlinked and then work your way through the others and I guarantee you will be hooked.
Asher also has very firm political views, and he doesn't suffer fools gladly. Read his blog, a link can be found in my blog roll, and be prepared to be forced to think about things. Asher is not a fan of what he sees as environmental idiots pushing global warming disaster scenarios. Now I'm not saying I totally agree with him, but it is good to see someone who is willing to ask questions and poke holes in arguments rather than blindly jumping on bandwagons. (Al Gore and the British Government are two common targets for Asher's anger.)
Have a read of Asher's blog or just read his novels, but I'm warning you he'll make you think.


  1. Just had a look at Neil Ashers blog linked from your page. Quite impressive


  2. Why thank you very much! There should be a rant warning too...